Liberation from Within

[…]“When you look at a human being to separate their mind/body/spirit… There’s no separation. Then we’re taught to separate the parts of our being and then move through the world in a sane way. Well, that’s insane….When I was in prison, especially in solitary confinement, I meditated every day. That was how I remained sane….The only way I could remain sane is to focus my attention on something beyond my physical circumstances that helped me to include my physical circumstances. It wasn’t like I wanted to escape from it. I could not. I was there. I was in solitary confinement…” ~ Ericka Huggins (

POWERFUL! Tavis Smiley and Cornel West interview Activist/Writer/Teacher Ericka Huggins’ about her radically compassionate Social Justice Work and Spiritual Practice. Please find the time to listen to this 24-minute radio interview —->